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What is We Are CloudGang?

Before someone gets clean, they normally are just coming from a life of degradation and isolation. The beginning of recovery from addiction has been called by members as a "Pink Cloud" where life seems amazing, the fog has finally been lifted and we want to be around others who are living in the same recovery lifestyle that we had just found. B-RAiN created the "We Are CloudGang" movement around his music and his followers so they will be able to be more the just fans, but part of a purposeful movement, that parallels his music so well. We Are CloudGang is a movement of people, anyone, willing to go out of their way to help lift others up on their own Journeys. Every single one of us have defects, and shortcomings. That's where we come in and build others up to be able to look past where they have fallen short, and show them that recovery is possible,that dreams are possible. As long as we stick together with one another, we don't have to "come down" off that "Pink Cloud" We can all thrive together, accomplishing dreams, and surpassing even our own expectations of ourselves... by helping others! #WeAreCloudGang

What is CloudGang: Bio
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