Give Eleanor Her Wings

They said we'd shine ... "When Pigs Fly"

Well... just look up, and you'll see the pigs flying!! A lot of you requested somewhere you can donate to help us on this journey of gutting, painting, re-wiring this beautiful bus and turning it into a majestic beast!!

Well here it is!! Just click the "Donate Now" button. and every cent will go directly to bringing "Eleanor" to life!!

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Top Performer

There are many ways to describe B-RAiN, but unique, talented, and charismatic just seem to scratch the surface. However, there is one word that ties them all together and is true to his character: B-RAiN is Real. Few people share so honestly from the heart and soul. B-RAiN does so in just the right way, combining art, story, and song in perfect unison. Take a look around the site, and explore what the gift of music truly is.

Clean since May 5th 2007, B-RAiN has been of service to so many in his community outside of his music, by going into local Jails and speaking to inmates, going into Drug Treatment centers and speaking to clients, as well as helping people find help when they are struggling with addiction/alcoholism. Not only does his passion for helping and inspiring others speak through his music, it also shows in the way that he lives his day to day life!


Music That Makes A Difference

Throughout the course of his musical career, B-RAiN has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances, all the while recording new singles, B-RAiN has earned the admiration and affection of countless fans, serving as both inspiration and role model.


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